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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Last night over dinner, I sat next to a new friend from out of town.
Out of the country, actually.
Pieter Boersma is the leader of a baby house in Mozambique. His ministry is dedicated to rescuing babies from abandonment, usually because of AIDS. I was telling him about how my old roommate, Tiffany, came back forever changed from a summer spent changing diapers, pushing toddlers on swings, and generally falling in love with the babies at the baby house that Pieter founded with his wife, Rika. Pieter responded by saying:
"It's so strange what God does. They're just babies you know, but everyone who comes is really impacted. I've learned a lot more about God by caring for orphans these last years than by sitting in church my whole life."


  1. love this.

    the first day i was in ethiopia i saw 75 babies crawling around on a floor. they didn't have families yet. 8 days later three of them were going home with families, which was such a good feeling, yet i remember the other 72 and wonder what they're doing now. all of the time.

    i can't imagine how i'd feel if i had spent an entire summer with them, instead of 8 hours.

    they'll never know who i am but i will never forget them.

  2. Blue, we should get some Ethiopian blend from Broadway and talk about such things.

  3. I am Samuel Gray's father (David). Samuel will be staying with Pieter and Rika in a couple of weeks. has the series (9 works of art) he just did of some of the orphans at All Nations Mozambique. Doing research and Google linked your site by accident. Since you met Pieter, I know you will enjoy Samuel's art. God bless, and all the best.