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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What I think about today

  • The Kansas City fountains need to come on already. Specifically my favorite.
  • I do not have enough skirts in my closet for this beautiful, beautiful weather.
  • I hope my mom doesn't stop waking me up with Bible verse text messages from her quiet time every morning.
  • I am preoccupied with thinking about a boy that I had the honor of spending time with last week. He's so cute and funny. I'll show you his picture later.
  • I listened to a lady named Pearl play some beautiful piano last night and I hope when I get old I will be as dainty and scandalous as she is.
  • I am wearing a new pair of knock-off Keds. I'm pretty excited about them because when I was 8 years old, I had a pair of Keds that I loved and one day I sliced my ankle open in a bike accident and watched in horror as a sheet of blood poured out of the wound all over my American shoes. Then the mean doctor stitched me up with no pain killers and that's when I decided that I liked being tough. I've been trying to be tough ever since.
  • Cari invited me home to her family's house for Easter, and that was real sweet of her. Her mom made me an easter basket and I felt loved. The non-major holidays are the worst because I never make it home for those and just miss my family.
  • I haven't seen them since Christmas.
  • Here's the picture of that boy I promised you:

I can't even handle it. Lord!


  1. I know. That Reave is a HEARTBREAKER.

    postscript: dainty + scandalous. I want to be that too.

  2. pearl. i've heard of her. that and her lyrics. i can't believe i missed her. and your reactions to her. AND reave. good lord. what have I been doing with my life???

  3. Great Blog Bessie!!!! I remember when you cut your ankle. I had no idea that mean doctor was going to sew it up without giving you any anesthetic! That is when I decided that if you or Meg or Ben had a "minor" cut I would take care of it at home with steri-strips and antiseptic and if it was a bad cut i would insist on the doctor giving you a local! I kept steri-strips in the medicine cabinet for the rest of the time we lived in France and never had to use them.

    Glad you like the Bible verses - I love doing that!

  4. i love you. and miss you. a whole bunch.