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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Alex & Ashley: engaged

I met Alex about four years ago when he started working at the Chick-fil-A I was managing. We were both 19 years old. We became fast friends and he never ceased to amuse me, or anyone else around us with his ridiculous humor and terrible but heartfelt love songs that he would sing--constantly--while breading chicken. We had several classes together at UMKC and he would irritate me to no end by making better grades on tests than me when I never missed a class and he failed to show over half the time.
Alex is one of the kindest people I have ever met.
My favorite memory of him is a toss up between the time he took a high school co-worker to prom after her boyfriend bailed on her, and the time he arrived at work with a variety of allergy medecines for me as I suffered through my first allergen-laden mid-west Spring. He's a winner.

Well, Alex met Ashley last year and he was perfectly smitten. I was smitten when I met her too, actually. This girl has a smile that takes over her face and any room she happens to be in, and she loves to have fun almost as much as Alex does. They're perfect for each other.

Last Sunday, Ashley asked me to take some pictures of her and Alex, which worked out pretty well because Alex had already asked me to help him propose to Ashley that same day. Pulling off this proposal was a little complicated because--ever the showman--Alex wanted to make sure it was perfect and included live music (courtesy of his talented roommate) and a balloon drop. Also, it had to happen outside--with an 85% chance of thunderstorms--at sunset. Luckily, Alex asked all the right people and he asked us nicely.

The proposal went off without a hitch, and afterwards we all toasted champagne and ate pizza. It was so fun to be part of their special day and capture the memories.
Here's the story:

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