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Saturday, July 24, 2010


  • It's Saturday. I slept late and ate cookies and watermelon for breakfast.
  • I think I saw an accurate picture of motherhood here at the coffeehouse about an hour ago. A beautiful woman sat down with her beautiful daughter, who giggled all the way through her cupcake and pink Jones soda. She told her mommy that she loved her and they laughed together. Then when it was time to leave, the little girl let loose with other-wordly screams that reverberated off the concrete floor and walls and made everyone in the establishment either turn their eyes to the poor mother or try very hard to refrain from doing so for the sake of her dignity. The beautiful woman calmly gathered her shrieking child and the various purses and diaper bags they required and walked out of the shop without steeling herself or lashing out at her daughter. I was impressed.
  • I am signing up for a medical terminology class in the fall. Awesome or terrible? What do you think?
  • It has come to my attention that I spend about 71% of my day comparing myself to other people, and the rest of the time sleeping. This is a problem because it makes me a very self-centered and insecure person. When I figure out how to stop, I'll let you know.
  • This is the question I have right now:
  • I'll figure it out eventually.
  • I'm not going home tonight without a new set of sheets to sleep on.


  1. your blog posts usually remind me of my brain. youre a delight.

  2. 1. I love medical terminology. Julie and I used to play word games with it.

    2. Don't worry.

    3. I really like you. And love you.

  3. When you compare yourself to other people you are generally comparing their strengths to your weaknesses. Don't do that. Its not fair to you and only brings you down. Compare yourself to yourself. Are you growing into what you want to be? Making progress in areas of your life? Then you will see that you are and be encouraged, which will stimulate more growth and progress. Love love love you!

  4. Donna offered good advice except the part about loving self! Jesus said that we already love ourselves too much (Luke 14:26). Self Love = Self Esteem = Pride = Selfishness

    Rather than comparing ourselves with others, we should strive to serve them instead. I'm about 1% there in my life but working on it with His help, love & grace!

  5. Disagree with Professor Howdy - first of all I didn't say anything about loving yourself. Not sure where that came from. But I do think that self love is not only healthy, it is essential for a good self esteem. Of course anyone can take it to an extreme and become selfish.