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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Sometimes it bums me out that I'll never get to see my own guts."

That's what he said. John Mayer. On twitter.

Well guys, I kind of did. A little bit. In my kitchen on a Sunday. If you don't think that blood and guts is cool, just stop reading.

The standard dilemma in avocado consumption is how to get the pit out without wasting any of the wonderfully rich green goodness. My answer to said standard dilemma is to use a sharp little knife for the stab, twist, and flick method. This time, I stabbed a little too hard and the tip of the knife glazed over the pit and straight into my hand. It hurt. I gasped, dropped the avocado, and prepared myself to see much blood spurting out of my wound.

But instead, a soft pillow of white fluffy stuff popped out. I was so confused. When I looked closer, I realized that it was fat. Fat was bulging out of the palm of my hand. I laughed. I actually had to maneuver my skin around to get the stuff back into the cut before bandaging it. It barely bled at all.

Isn't that weird?


  1. excellent time for a photograph. granted... you were probably more concerned with the wound... but it would of been cool to see.

  2. uh. i've said that on my blog at least 40 times. he stole that from me.

  3. sorry noah.
    true blue through and through.

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