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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas in Chicago

This is our first Christmas "on our own", where we start our own traditions and make Christmas happen for ourselves here in Chicago. I'm really hoping for snow.
I am so pregnant. So heavily pregnant. We will hit 39 weeks in 2 days, so the baby can really come at any time. Tim and I are savoring these sweet festive moments and last days as just the two of us.
We really loved our church's Christmas service. It's so sweet to sing carols in the community of friends. Candlelight is a plus too. 
I love Chicago's Christkindlmarket, and I'll tell you why: when I was a kid and we lived in France, one Christmas we went to Köln, Germany to see the cathedral there, and they had a Christmas market on the plaza out front. We ate bratwursts with sauerkraut and mustard and my dad got a gluhwein that he let me take a sip from. My mom got some pretty handmade Christmas decorations that she still uses. For some reason I've always remembered that day in Germany, and the Christkindlmarket offers pretty much the same experience. 

This year I got a paper star light and a candle holder that depicts the actual Köln Christmas Market I visited when I was a kid.
And Tim got some gluhwein that he let me sip :)


  1. on friday night my mom made gluhwein and jaegarschnitzel and we sat around and ate and they told me what christmas in germany was like. She was also heavily pregnant, waiting for baby to come at any point. :) One day you'll share those same stories with new tab. which is about the sweetest thing ever, i know. love you!