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Monday, December 3, 2012

life before baby

It's so easy for photography to feel like work that we don't often use more than our iPhones to document our life together, so we asked our good friend Sean Dorgan to come over for breakfast and do the picture-taking work for us.

I really wanted a reminder of how sweet this season has been, just me and Tim in our apartment where we love to live and do our work. For now it's just us, and it's quiet and we sleep in a lot and work very late most nights. I know it's all going to change soon, and I'm sure that these rooms will feel empty and blank without the sounds of a baby crying or the site of baby things or the smell of baby soap. Who is this person who's going to join our family, anyway? I'm dying to know.

So this is us, one month before we find out what we'd be missing if we hadn't decided to have kids.
And if you're wondering if I only have one outfit because you keep seeing pictures of it on this blog; the answer is yes. I only have one outfit. One pair of maternity jeans (I refuse to buy more), two of those white maternity tanks, and my go-to fall cardigan. When I'm not getting my picture taken I may or may not be wearing yoga pants and Tim's undershirts at all times. It's just too late in the game to justify buying more clothes that I'll only wear for a few weeks. And now I've said my peace and we can continue on with the pictures:


  1. I love this, you two. so excited for you and really glad to have been able to follow along with your journey. I hope someday I'll be able to meet the dear Tabs. :)

  2. These pictures are so great of you both. Thank you for sharing them. I love those colors together. I think that it is really cool that you only have a few things to wear that you love.

  3. You two are so beautiful. I love love love love these and WOW to the closer up black and white outside where Tim is kind of kissing your nose. Seriously.

  4. Such lovely photos! lookin' good, you two!

  5. you look so cute! Love my pregnant girl.

  6. Vous êtes trop beaux ,o) ! A quand les photos de Liesel? Profitez bien des premières semaines car elle passent si vite.
    ciao ciao and God bless