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Sunday, September 7, 2008


I had the best conversation with a stranger today. I looooooove good conversations with interesting strangers, by the way.
I was at Jiffy Lube getting my oil changed. I know I know, you're thinking "she's the kind of person I hate in strange waiting rooms", BUT, this guy started talking to me first. This time.

He was a Jewish man from Ethiopia. SO COOL! And, he might have been the smartest person I've talked to in a long time. I found out by the end of the conversation that he had 3 degrees in history, archaeology, and religion.
We started talking about Christianity and Judaism and missions and America and the Old Covenant and Jesus and I just loved it. He told me all kinds of things about the 12 tribes of Israel and the ancient Roman and Greek empires, and THEN he started breaking down for me how all the different denominations were born and the reformation, all of which made perfect sense when he explained it but I don't think I could spit it back out.
Then he said this:
"Everyone now believes something different, their own version of how to live for God. But religion was not always so complicated. Jesus was not a philosopher, he just did as his father said."
Thank you, Mr. Ethiopian wise man.

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