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Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh my Morgan

In the spirit of procrastination (I have yet to finish my rhetorical criticism paper), and my deep devotion for Morgan, I simply MUST republish a blog she wrote about herself a few days ago.
If you don't know Morgan, I'd be delighted to introduce you. She's the best, most beautiful 5 foot 11, mystery race friend any girl could ever ask for. And she's a major celebrity in India.

Here's some things she knows for sure about herself:

  • On my tombstone, I want this description of a delicious FairTrade coffee that we got from Trader Joes: "Bright, Sweet, and mildly Nutty."
  • If I get married, at my wedding rehersal:
    --Everyone will walk down to aisle to the original Oompa-Lumpa song.
    --I will deliver the "Maiwage" (marriage) speech off Princess Bride.
    --At the real wedding, I'll come down the aisle to "I am the rose" don't know it, I'm sure. But there's this great climax where the doors will fling open and BOOM, BABY! There I'll be. I'll sing it for you sometime.
  • I won't have pets, probably. Except maaaaybe goats. And then I'd milk them and make cheese.

  • Whatever I do long-term, it will involve public speaking, world travel, writing, and counteracting social injustice. Passionately.

  • And many more things. But that's all that comes to mind at the moment.

Another reason to love Morgan: she sent me this postcard from India.

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  1. I'm officially caught up on every single blog entry. And I laughed at so very many! Can't wait for more!

  2. Hey, pretty. Your blog is da' bomb.