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Monday, September 8, 2008

Today was a real good one

Well, it started oddly.
I woke up to lightning and thunder at 4.30 am and couldn't go back to sleep. So I decided the most logical thing to do at that time would be to bake a pie for Sharon. I mean, I bought the stuff to make it. It's her favorite. I'm trying not to be a sucky roommate. Why NOT bake a pie at 5 am?
Then my pie baking was interrupted by a frantic call from work. They were out of a crucial ingredient needed to make a signature menu item. So I threw on yesterday's clothes and hauled it all over God's creation in record time to fetch what needed fetching and made sure the good people got their breakfast by 7 am. Supergirl? check.
Next, I battled early morning rush hour traffic in the rain for an hour and finally made it to Broadway early for a little Savior-lovin' before I met with some beautiful ladies.
The day slowed over coffee, chatter, smiles, and appreciation for vulnerability.

And then we headed over to Jerusalem Cafe and I may have eaten my body weight in hummus.

Back at work at 2pm, and the little ones were more precious than usual. Or maybe it's just that it was a slow rainy monday and I got to focus on how precious they were, instead of frantically running around like I usually do. I just love their faces.
"Bethany, do you think I should play soccer this year?", "Where should I go to college?", "How am I gonna figure out how to be a good leader?", "Can I have a hug?", "Where's this?", "Where's that?", "Can you fix it?", "How does this work?", "What'd I do wrong?", and the staple:

Ugh. Eat my heart out.

The dinner party is tomorrow night at our place. Please come.

currently listening to The Weepies, Hideaway.

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