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Saturday, September 13, 2008

La Musique

There's big news in the life of my music library.
Two of my all-time favorite artists released new albums and I bought them on the same day.

Jars of Clay. It's a 5 song EP. Three of tracks are brand new, of those "Closer" is my favorite--altogether lovely and jam-worthy. They have a remix of "Flood (new rain)", which has fit the Kansas City weather quite well in these last few days. They also have a remixed version of "Love Song for a Savior" which is so sweet it just makes me cry. So good.

Then we have Patty. Bless her. This album has 16 live tracks, and proves her genius because she's one of those few great artists who sound better live than recorded.
I still think her music is therapy.

Since when am I a music critic? Time to quit.
Check out my adorable parents down below!

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