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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

les reves

Ok friends, I had the craziest dream the other night. I'm sure you will find it amusing:

I was in charge of house-sitting a mansion in the middle of a lovely prairie with a stream running through the back yard. It's full of windows and sun-light and baby grand pianos and walk-in closets full of beautiful silks. And in this house is a ruling fat cat. Very fat.
And I'm not a cat person.
But, in the interest of enjoying myself in this beautiful getaway, I decide to befriend the cat. Well, the cat took well to me and never left me alone. He was a very needy fat cat and I always found him right next to me because there were no doors in this mansion to separate me from the feline.
One day I left the mansion to go out shopping, but the deal was that I had to take the cat with me wherever I went. So I put the cat on a leash and walked downtown. That's what you do with cats, right? So I'm power-walking down the busy street, and this cat is just not having it. It's walking slow and I'm basically dragging the cat. I think it occured to me at some point here that it was not nice to drag cats by a leash hooked to their collars, but I've only ever had dogs (with big, thick necks), and you can reason with a dog, people. You can look a dog in the eye and tell them they need to shape up and walk faster and they will. Cats won't.
Anyway, I had all these clothes to try on at ATC and some pretty, jeweled headband in a dressing room, with me and the fat cat, when the cat laid on the floor and died.
It just died.
I didn't make any move to kill it, I didn't want it to die! But I suppose it had been slowly choking during our whole walk downtown and decided to just give up on life right there in the dressing room.
Then, as I was inwardly panicking about what I was going to do, a resurrected cat rolled out of the dead cat and stood up and stared at me. This cat wasn't fat. It was the perfect version of the dead cat, and my beautiful jeweled headband had turned into a magic collar round its neck that gave it back its life.

And this cat could talk and told the world of how I made it suffer when it only wanted to love me and I rotted in jail for cat abuse.

There it is.

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  1. how funny. I've had some weird dreams lately, but I think mine is due to eating salsa before I go to bed!

  2. i may have eaten something questionable before sleeping here too. and i may have visited a friend who was house/cat-sitting.